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What is fuse :

Fuses area unit the protectors, these area unit shieldion} devices that area unit accustomed to protecting the house appliances like televisions, refrigerators, computers with harm by high voltage. The fuse is created from skinny strip or strand of metal, whenever the significant quantity of current or associate degree excessive current flow is there in an associate degree electrical device, the fuse melts and it opens the circuit and disconnects it from the facility offer.


Its essential element may be a metal wire or strip that melts once an excessive amount of current flows through it, thereby interrupting this. it’s a killing device; once a fuse has operated its associate degree circuit, and it should get replaced or retired, betting on sort.

The time and current operative characteristics of fuses area unit chosen to supply adequate protection while not unneeded interruption. Wiring rules typically outline a most fuse current rating for explicit circuits. Short circuits, overloading, mismatched masses, or device failure area unit the prime reasons for fuse operation.

Why we use fuse :


  Fig: fuse Symbol

Fuses area unit used for the hindrance of home appliances from the short and injury by overload or high current etc. The lives of tv, computers, radios and different home appliances can also place in danger. once the fuse goes, a fast spark happens which can cause turning your home into fast darkness by disconnecting the facility provide that saves any more mishappenings. That’s why we want fuses to safeguard our home appliances from damage.

Construction of fuse :

A fuse consists of a metal strip or wire fuse component, of tiny cross-sectional compared to the circuit conductors, mounted between a combine of electrical terminals, and (usually) encircled by a non-combustible housing. The fuse is organized nonparallel to hold all this passing through the protected circuit. The resistance of the component generates heat thanks to this flow.


Fig: Circuit-Braker

The size and construction of the component area unit (empirically) determined so the warmth created for a standard current doesn’t cause the component to realize a warm temperature. If too high a current flows, the component rises to a better temperature and either directly melts, instead melts a soldered joint among the fuse, gap the circuit. The fuse component is formed of atomic number 30, copper, silver, aluminum,[citation needed] or alloys to supply stable and inevitable characteristics. The fuse ideally would carry its rated current indefinitely, and soften quickly on a tiny low excess. The component should not be broken by minor harmless surges of current, and should not oxidize or amendment its behavior once probably years of service.

Working principle of fuse :

You probably understand that wires get hot once electricity travels through them. that is however normal, incandescent lamps work. Electricity flows through an awfully skinny wire referred to as a filament creating it therefore hot that it provides off lightweight. a constant plan is at adding an electric toaster. Here, electricity flows through a series of skinny metal ribbons, creating them therefore hot that they turn out enough heat to cook bread. A fuse is strictly constant. it is a skinny piece of wire designed to hold a restricted electrical current. If you are trying to pass a better current through the wire, it will heat up most that it burns or melts. once it melts, it breaks the circuit it’s fitted to and stops the present flowing. The fuse will be replaced or modified with the new one with appropriate ratings. The fuse will be created from the part like metal, copper, silver &aluminum. They conjointly act as an electrical fuse that is employed to interrupt the circuit once the explosive fault happens within the circuit. this is often not solely a preserver however it’s conjointly used as a security life to forestall humans from hazards. So, this is often, however, the fuse operates.

When the excessive current or heat is generated thanks to significant current flows within the circuit, the fuse melts down thanks to the low freezing point of the part and it opens the circuit. The excessive flow might cause the breakdown of wire and stops the flow of current.

Types of fuse :

The fuse is that the current interrupting devices that break or open the circuit by fusing the part and so take away the faulty device from the most offer circuit. The fuses area unit principally classified into 2 sorts, depends on the input offer voltages they’re the AC fuses and also the DC fuses.


 Fig: Types-of-fuse

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AC Fuse :

The AC fuses are classified into 2 varieties they’re the low voltage fuses and therefore the high voltage fuses. The frequency of the AC fuses changes it amplitude from 0º to 60º in all second. Thus, the arc extinction within the AC circuit will be done simply as compared to the DC circuit.

DC Fuse :

The DC fuse opens or breaks the circuit once the excessive current flow through it. the sole problem with the DC fuse is that the arc made by the electrical energy is incredibly troublesome to extinct as a result of there aren’t any zero current flows within the circuit. For reducing the DC fuse arcing the electrodes are placed a lot of distance apart thanks to that the dimensions of the fuse will increase as compared to AC fuse.

Low Voltage :

The low voltage fuses may be additionally divided into four categories shown below within the image Semi-enclosed or rewirable kind and whole enveloped, or cartridge kind switches are the foremost normally used switches.

High Voltage :

All types of high voltage fuse are used upon the rated voltage up to one.5 kV to 138 kV. High voltage fuses are wont to shield the instrument transformers. it’s created from silver, copper & tin. once heat generated, the arc produces that causes the boracic acid to evolve high quantity of gases. That’s why these are utilized in outside places.


  • Cartridge Type HRC Fuses

Fig: Cartridge-Type-HRC-Fuses

The fuse part of the HRC fuse is wound within the form of the helix that avoids the corona impact at the upper voltages. it’s 2 amalgamated components placed parallel with one another, one among low resistance and also the difference is of high resistance. The low resistance wire carries the conventional current that is blown out and reducing the contact current throughout the fault condition.

  • Liquid Type HRC Fuses

Fig: Liquid-Type-HRC-Fuses

Such variety of fuses is stuffed with resolvent and sealed at each the ends of the caps. once the fault happens then this, exceed on the far side the permissible limit, and also the fuse part is blown out. The liquid of the fuse acts as associate arc conclusion medium for the HRC fuses. they will be used for the electrical device protection and also the backup protection to the breaker.

  • Expulsion Type HRC Fuses

Fig: Expulsion-Type-HRC-Fuses

Expulsion kind fuses area unit wide used for the protection of feeders and electrical device as a result of their low price. it’s developed for 11kV, and their rupturing capability is up to 250 MVA. Such variety of fuses includes a hollow open-ended tube product of artificial resin-bonded paper.