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What is IR Sensor :

IR sensing element Module Circuit. IR sensing element may be an extremely popular sensing element, that is employed in several applications in natural philosophy am fond of it is employed in device system, motion detector, Product counter, Line follower Robots, Alarms.


Working Principle of IR Sensor :


An infrared sensing element is associate degree device, that emits so as to sense some aspects of the environment. associate degree IR sensing element will live the warmth of associate degree object moreover as detects the motion. These sorts of sensors live solely infrared light, instead of emitting it that’s referred to as a passive IR sensing element.

An IR detector will live the warmth of associate degree object also as detects the motion. These varieties of sensors measures solely infrared light, instead of emitting it that’s known as a passive IR detector. sometimes within the spectrum, all the objects radiate some kind of thermal radiations.

Frequency Range :

This variety of wavelengths corresponds to a frequency variation of roughly 430 terahertz right down to three hundred GHz. Infrared proximity sensing element created by Sharp. half # GP2Y0A02YK0F has associate degree analog output that varies from two.8V at 15cm to zero.4V at 150cm with a provide voltage between four.5 and 5.5VDC. The sensing element contains a Japanese Solderless Terminal (JST) connective.


Required Component :


  • Arduino Board           [Purchase Links]            Ali-Express      Amazon
  • Project Board                                                     Ali-Express      Amazon
  • USB Connector                                                  Ali-Express      Amazon
  • Connecting Cable                                              Ali-Express      Amazon
  • IR Sensor                                                           Ali-Express      Amazon
  • Remote                                                              Ali-Express      Amazon
  • Resistor                                                             Ali-Express      Amazon
  • LED Light                                                          Ali-Express      Amazon

Connection :

Just connect the output to a digital pin. The dangerous news is that the Arduino’s friendly digitalRead procedure may be a shade too slow to dependably browse the quick signal as its returning in. First, connect the four LEDs to the Arduino. Connect the positives of the four LEDs to the pins seven, 6, 5, and 4. Connect the negative of the four LEDs to GND on the Arduino through the 220-ohm resistors. The longer wires on the LEDs are positive and also the shorter wires are negative.