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A steam powerhouse essentially works on the Rankine cycle. Steam is created within the boiler by utilizing the warmth of coal combustion. The steam is then distended within the first cause (i.e., steam turbine) and is condensed in an exceedingly condenser to be fed into the boiler once more. The turbine drives the alternator that converts the energy of the rotary engine into power. this kind of power station is appropriate wherever coal and water square measure on the market in abundance and an outsized quantity of electrical power is to be generated.

Steam plant:

Steam Power Plant

For best potency, the temperature within the condenser should be unbroken as low as sensible so as to realize rock bottom doable pressure within the condensation steam. Since the condenser temperature will nearly always be unbroken considerably below a hundred of wherever the pressure level of water is far but gas pressure, the condenser typically works beneath vacuum. so leaks of non-condensable air into the control system should be prevented. Plants operative in hot climates could have to be compelled to cut back output if their supply of condenser cooling water becomes warmer; sadly this typically coincides with periods of high electrical demand for air-con. If a decent supply of cooling water isn’t on the market, cooling towers are also accustomed to rejecting waste heat to the atmosphere.

The layout of Steam Power Plant:

Steam Power Plant

There are so many components present in the steam power plant which performs their specialized function for the efficient working. The various component of the steam power plant are:

  • Coal Storage: it’s the place wherever coal is kept which might be utilized once needed.
  • Coal Handling: Here the coal is reborn into the small-grained type before feeding to the chamber. a correct system is meant to move the small-grained coal to the boiler chamber.
  • Turbine: it’s the computer that converts the mechanical energy of the steam to the energy.
  • Generator: it’s not to mention the rotary engine rotor and converts the energy of the rotary engine to the electricity.
  • Boiler: It converts the water into aggressive steam. It contains the chamber within or outside the boiler shell. The combustion of coal takes place within the chamber.
  • Air-preheater: it’s wont to pre-heat the air before going into the boiler chamber. The preheating of air helps within the burning of fuel to a bigger extent. It takes the warmth from the burnt gases from the chamber to heat the air from the atmosphere.
  • Economizer: As its name indicates it economizes the operating of the boiler. It heats the feed water to a specific temperature before it enters into the boiler drum. It takes the warmth from the burnt gases from the chamber to try to this.
  • Condenser: It condensates the steam that leaves out the rotary engine. It converts the unaggressive steam to water. it’s connected to the cooling.
  • Cooling Tower: it’s a tower that contains cold water. Cold water is circulated to the condenser for the cooling of the residual steam from the rotary engine.
  • Ash Storage: it’s wont to store the ash once burning of the coal.
  • Dust Collector: It collects the dirt particle from the burnt gases before it’s discharged to the chimney.
  • Chimney: it’s wont to unleash the recently burnt gases or smoke from the chamber to the surroundings at Associate in Nursing applicable height. the peak of the tower is extremely high such it will simply throw the smoke and exhaust gases at a suitable height. And it cannot have an effect on the population living close to the steam power station.
  • Feed Water ump: it’s wont to transport the feed water to the boiler.

How it is Working:

The generator converts the mechanical energy of the turbine into electrical energy. After striking on the turbine the steam leaves the turbine and enters into the condenser. The steam gets condensed with the help of cold water from the cooling tower. 

The condensed water with the feed water enters into the saver. within the saver, the feed water gets hot before getting in the boiler. This heating of water will increase the potency of the boiler. The exhaust gases from the chamber submit to the superheater, saver and air pre-heater. the warmth of this exhaust gases is employed within the heating of steam within the superheater, feedwater within the saver and air within the air pre-heater.

The water gift within the boiler drum changes to aggressive steam. From the boiler, the aggressive steam passed to the superheater wherever it’s once more heat to its xerotes. This superheated steam strikes the rotary engine blades with high speed and also the rotary engine starts rotating at high speed. A generator is connected to the rotor of the rotary engine and because the rotary engine rotates it conjointly rotates with the speed of the rotary engine. The generator converts the energy of the rotary engine into voltage. once placing on the rotary engine the steam leaves the rotary engine and enters into the condenser.

Steam Power Plant

Working Steps:

  • A generator is plus the rotary engine rotor. because the rotary engine rotates, the generator conjointly rotates with constant speed and energy of the rotary engine gets born-again into the current.
  • Steam when striking the blades of the rotary engine lost its most of the energy and leaves the rotary engine with unaggressive steam.
  • This unaggressive steam enters into the condenser. Cold water circulates within the condenser from the cooling. Here the unaggressive wet steam is born-again into water.
  • After that condensed water with the feed water passed to the economizer wherever it gets heated by the economizer. and at last, the feed water enters into the boiler by a feed pump to repeat the cycle.
  • The pulverized coal is fed into the boiler wherever the pulverized coal is burnt into the chamber
  • Due to heat from the chamber, the water gift within the boiler drum changes to the aggressive steam.
  • From the boiler, this aggressive steam is passed to the superheater wherever it’s once more heated to its waterlessness.
  • After that this superheated steam strikes the rotary engine blades with high speed and also the rotary engine blades begin rotating to at high speed. Here the hold on mechanical energy of the steam gets born-again into energy. The burnt flue gases from the chamber experience the superheater, economizer, and air pre-heater. This heat of the flue gases is employed to heat the steam within the superheater to its waterlessness, to heat feed water within the economizer before getting in the boiler and to heat air from the atmosphere within the air pre-heater before it enters into the chamber.
  • The ash from the chamber is transported to ash handling plant and at last to the ash storage.


  • As compared with power generating plant, it’s low initial price and therefore economical.
  • Less surface area is needed as compared with the hydro powerhouse.
  • Coal is employed as fuel and also the price of coal is cheaper than hydrocarbon and fuel. therefore the power generation price is economical.
  • This powerhouse has straightforward maintenance price.
  • Steam powerhouse is put in in any space wherever water sources and transportation facility area unit simply obtainable.


  • The running price of the steam powerhouse is relatively high as a result of fuel, maintenance, etc
  • If we have a tendency to cite the potency of the steam powerhouse, then is concerning thirty-five you have to forty-first that is low.
  • Due to the discharge of burnt gases of the coal or fuel, it contributes to worldwide warming to a bigger extent.
  • The heated water that’s thrown within the rivers, ponds, etc puts an adverse result on the living organism of water and disturbs the ecology.

The efficiency of the steam power plant:

  •  The potency of the super vital power plants operational at 220 bar steam pressure, 600/600 ℃ superheat/reheat temperatures can do is forty seconds.

  • The potency within the vary of forty-five to forty-eighth is often achieved by the ultra-super vital power plants operational at three hundred bar pressure, 600/600 ℃ superheat/reheat steam temperatures.
  • The overall potency of the coal power station ranges from thirty seconds to forty seconds. And this is often calculated by the superheat pressures and superheat and heat temperatures of steam.
  • Most of the big power plants that operate at steam pressures of one hundred seventy bar,570 ℃ superheat and 570 ℃ heat steam temperatures can do the potency ranges from thirty fifths to thirty eighths.
  • The power plant that operates on coal constitutes nearly forty-first of the world’s electricity generation.
  • It is the changing temperature unit physics cycle that the coal pink-slipped power station operates.