Simple Music Light With Buzzer

January 24, 2019

Music Light :

LED Chaser/Sequencer Circuits. The questionable chaser or sequencer is one in every of the foremost standard forms of LED-driving circuit and is widely utilized in advertising displays and in running-light ‘rope’ displays in tiny discos. All you wish may be a lightweight a lightweight timer, that is. investment in a very lightweight timer generally referred to as a sunrise timer or a wake-up lightweight will facilitate. These merchandise square measure designed to mimic morning dawn, filling your space with a gradual sunlight-like glow.

Buzzer :

Piezo speakers (buzzers) A “piezo buzzer” is essentially a little speaker that you just will connect on to AN Arduino. Connect one pin to the Arduino’s ground and therefore the alternative finish to digital pin eight. From the Arduino, you’ll be able to create sounds with a buzzer by mistreatment tone.

Required Parts :


  1. Arduino Board …… …… ….. [ Purchase Arduino Uno Board ]
  2. Project Board ….. …… …… [ Purchase Project Board ]
  3. USB Connector
  4. Connecting Cable ….. ……. …. [ Purchase Connecting Cable ]
  5. Buzzer …….. ……… ……… [ Purchase Buzzer ]
  6. Push Button Switch ….. …….. [ Purchase Push Switch ]
  7. LED Light
  8. Resistor ( 330 ohms)

Connection :

Connect your buzzer to the board with one wire connecting to the GND rail and therefore the different connecting to any pin on your Arduino our button ought to be connected to ground employing a resistance, to the ability rail, so to any pin on the Arduino. though it does not operate to the extent I had ab initio meant, it will play the song once the button is ironed.


The intention was to play totally different songs reckoning on what percentage times the button had been clicked, however I unbroken encountering problems with inserting the notes[] associated beats within an if-statement. once it truly would compile, the buzzer would solely rattle and therefore the red crystal rectifier would flash, dim however fast, till the song was over.


You can watch the following video the written tutorial below

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