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Fundamentals Color of RGB :

Most moving lights and light-emitting diode fixtures area unit capable of adding color to the output via a color chart system or a Color combination system. Colorwheels contain single items of dichroic, colored, glass placed before of the sunshine by choosing sure dmx values from the console. Color-mixing is accomplished most frequently by combination three colors via “flags.” Color flags area unit additional and removed by combination the colors via encoders. a typical choice lately, and out there on MA2, maybe a “color picker.”


Fig: RGB Led Mix Color

The RGB color model is additive within the sense that the 3 light-weight beams area unit additional along, and their light-weight spectra add, the wavelength for wavelength, to create the ultimate color’s spectrum. this can be primarily opposed to the reductive color model that applies to paints, inks, dyes, and alternative substances whose color depends on reflective the sunshine beneath that we tend to see them. Zero intensity for every element provides the darkest color (no light-weight, thought of the black), and full intensity of every provides a white; the standard of this white depends on the character of the first light-weight sources, however, if they’re properly balanced, the result’s a neutral white matching the system’s white purpose. once the intensities for all the parts area unit an equivalent, the result’s a shade of grey, darker or lighter betting on the intensity.

When one in all the parts has the strongest intensity, the color may be a hue close to this primary color (reddish, green or bluish), and once 2 parts have an equivalent strongest intensity, then the color may be a hue of a secondary color (a shade of cyan, magenta or yellow). The RGB color model itself doesn’t outline what’s meant by red, inexperienced and blue colorimetrically, so the results of blending them don’t seem to be such that as absolute, however relative to the first colors.

Using Devises and Kits :


Fig: RGB Led Mix Color project using Kits

  • Arduino Uno Boards     [Purchase Links]    Ali-Express     Amazon     
  • USB Connector Cable                                   Ali-Express     Amazon
  • Project Board                                                Ali-Express     Amazon
  • Connecting Cable                                         Ali-Express     Amazon
  • RGB Led                                                       Ali-Express     Amazon
  • Resistor(120ohm)                                         Ali-Express     Amazon

Circuit Diagram


Fig: RGB Led Mix Color project Circuit

Source Code 


You can watch the following video or read the written tutorial below.