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Power Plant

May 6, 2019

 Generating Stations

In this contemporary world, the dependence on electricity is most that it’s become a neighborhood and parcel of our life. The ever-increasing use of electrical power for domestic, business and industrial functions necessitates providing bulk electrical power economically.



 Steam power stations

A steam powerhouse essentially works on the Rankine cycle. Steam is created within the boiler by utilizing the warmth of coal combustion. The steam is then distended within the first cause (i.e., steam turbine) and is condensed in an exceedingly condenser to be fed into the boiler once more.


Hydroelectric power stations

Hydropower is made in a hundred and fifty countries, with the Asia-Pacific region generating thirty-three % of world hydropower in 2013. China is the largest electricity producer, with 920 TWh of production in 2013, representing sixteen.9 % of domestic electricity use.


 Diesel Power Station

The mechanical power needed for driving generator comes from the combustion of diesel. because of the diesel prices are high, this kind of station isn’t appropriate for manufacturing power in giant scale in our country.


 Nuclear power stations

A nuclear energy plant or nuclear energy station may be a thermal powerhouse during which the warmth supply may be a setup. because it is typical of thermal power stations, heat is employed to get steam that drives a turbine connected to a generator that produces electricity.


High Voltage Transmission line 

An overhead cable is an electrical power line suspended by towers or poles. Since most of the insulation is provided by air, overhead power lines are typically the lowest-cost technique of transmission for giant quantities of electrical power. 


 Supply Systems

In youth, there was a touch demand for voltage so tiny power stations were engineered to provide lighting and heating masses. However, the widespread use of voltage by fashionable civilization has necessitated manufacturing bulk voltage economically and with efficiency.


 Overhead Transmission Line

The invention of the Strain stuff was a vital consider permitting higher voltages to be used. At the top of the nineteenth century, the restricted electrical strength of Telegraph-style Pin insulators restricted the voltage to no quite sixty-nine, Volts.


 Electrical Design of Overhead Lines

It has already been mentioned that transmission of electrical power is completed by 3-phase, 3-wire overhead lines. An a.c. the conductor has resistance, inductance, and capacitance uniformly distributed on its length. These are called constants or parameters of the road.


 Mechanical Design of Overhead Line

An overhead line is subjected to ensure climatic conditions and different external interferences. This requires the utilization of correct mechanical factors of safety so as to make sure the continuity of operation within the line. In general, the strength of the road ought to be such therefore on give against the worst probable climatic conditions.


Transmission Line Insulators

The most unremarkably used material for insulators of overhead line is ceramic ware however glass, steatite and special composition materials also are wont to a restricted extent. ceramic ware is created by firing at a heat a mix of terra alba, felspar, and quartz.



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