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What is Moving Light Display :

Moving lights area unit versatile, versatile fixtures that have a movable beam furthermore as gobo wheels, prisms, iris’s, shutters and frost. Moving lights usually have AN arc-based lamp, however, some area unit metal and a few area units LED-based fixtures.


This straightforward Arduino project for beginners is designed on AN electronic breadboard and uses solely four LEDs and 4 series resistors to create a moving light-weight show. The Arduino sketch for the project is changed to vary the speed at that the pattern on the LEDs is updated. The patterns to show on the LEDs also can be modified.

How it Working :

A breadboard is employed to attach four LEDs with series resistors to AN Arduino which might be AN Arduino Uno or alternative Arduino. Four wire links connect the LEDs to four of the Arduino pins that area unit set as outputs. a standard GND wire from the Arduino is connected to the breadboard that connects the opposite aspect of every of the series resistors to GND. This completes the circuit and allows the LEDs to be switched on by the sketch running on the Arduino.

In a moving fixture light-weight, a motorized yoke permits the optical section to pan and tilt so the sunshine beam shines in several directions. Associate in Nursing Intellibeam may be a moving mirror light-weight, the tilting of its mirror is employed to direct the sunshine beam, and also the fixture itself doesn’t move.

Required Parts :


  1. Arduino Uno Board           [Partuch Links]               Ali-Express        Amazon
  2. Project Board                                                             Ali-Express        Amazon
  3. USB Connector                                                          Ali-Express        Amazon
  4. Connecting Cable                                                      Ali-Express        Amazon
  5. LED Light 4-pie ( Blue Color )                                    Ali-Express        Amazon
  6. Resistor 4-pie ( 330 ohms)                                        Ali-Express        Amazon

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