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In this contemporary world, the dependence on electricity is most that it’s become a neighborhood and parcel of our life. The ever-increasing use of electrical power for domestic, business and industrial functions necessitates providing bulk electrical power economically. this can be achieved with the assistance of appropriate power manufacturing units, referred to as Power plants or electrical power generating stations.


Generating Stations:



Genarating Station

Bulk wattage is created by special plants referred to as generating stations or power plants. A generating station basically employs a chief mover coupled to associate degree generator for the assembly of electrical power. The primum mobile (e.g., turbine, water rotary engine, etc.) converts energy from another type into energy. The generator converts the energy of the primum mobile into the current. The electrical linear unit the energy created by the generating station is transmitted and distributed with the assistance of conductors to numerous customers. it’s going to be emphasized here that aside from prime mover-alternator combination, a contemporary generating station employs many electronic equipment and instruments to confirm low-cost, reliable and continuous service.


Depending upon the form of energy converted into electrical energy, the generating stations are classified as under:


(i) Steam power stations

(ii) Hydroelectric power stations

(iii) Diesel power stations

(iv) Nuclear power stations