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Electric Board & House Wiring Connection


Wiring a Distribution Board [DB] is significant in any electrical installation.  All the electrical subcircuits area unit originated from a Distribution Board. The Main feeder cable to the Distribution Board ought to be able to handle the entire power anticipated once all the subcircuits within the Distribution Board area unit in use. [ read more ]



How to Connect a 2-Way Switch


The two-way shift suggests that having 2 or a lot of switches in numerous locations to regulate one lamp. they’re wired in order that operation of either switch can management of the sunshine. [read more]




How to Connect a 3-Way Switch

The 3-way switch was originally developed to permit users to regulate a lightweight from 2 completely different locations. this needs a special switch. during a corridor or massive space, as an example, putting in three-party switches at each end enable. [read more]



Electrical Bus-Bar and its Types


In electrical power distribution, a bus may be an antimonial strip or bar, generally housed within switchgear, panel boards, and busway enclosures for native high current power distribution. [read more]





Single phase Supply System & three phase Supply System


3-phase wattage could be a common technique of electrical power transmission.   it’s a kind of point system in the main want to power motors and lots of different devices. 3 section has properties that create it terribly fascinating in wattage systems. [read more]




Electrical Power System


 Most refrigerators, air conditioners, pumps, and industrial machinery use AC power whereas most computers and digital instrumentation use DC power. AC power has the advantage of being simple to remodel between voltages and is in a position to be generated and utilized by brushless machinery. [read more]





What is a Fuse? Types of Fuses with Applications in Electrical


Fuses area unit the protectors, these area unit shielding devices that area unit accustomed to protecting the house appliances like televisions, refrigerators, computers with harm by high voltage. The fuse is created from skinny strip or strand of metal, [read more]



The Basics of Electrical Transformers | Types of Transformer

Transformers square measure electrical devices consisting of 2 or a lot of coils of wire accustomed transfer voltage by means that of dynamic flux. one amongst the most reasons that we tend to use alternating AC voltages and currents in our homes and workplaces is that AC provides is simply generated at a convenient voltage, [read more]




Auto Reclosing Scheme of Transmission System


An automatic reclosing relay is intended to initiate multiple reclosures of an electrical fuse that has been tripped by protecting relaying. it’s primarily a temporal order device, [read more]




Excitation System for Alternator


 The system that is employed for providing the mandatory field current to the rotor winding of the synchronous machine, such kind of system is termed associate excitation system. In different words, the excitation system is outlined because the system that is employed for the assembly of the flux by an assign current within the field coil. [read more]



Electrical Power Substation


 A station that incorporates a transformer will increase the voltage whereas decreasing the present, whereas a transformer decreases the voltage whereas increasing the present for domestic and business distribution. [read more]




Differences between electric motors and generators

 Electric motors and generators have current-carrying loops that unendingly rotate in an exceeding field of force. The loops are wrapped around AN iron core known as AN coil that creates the field of force within them stronger. [read more]



Single Phase Motor Connection


 A typical 2-phase AC servo-motor incorporates a cage rotor and a field consisting of two windings a constant-voltage (AC) main winding. a control-voltage (AC) winding in construction with the most winding thus on manufacture a rotating magnetic flux. [read more]





How to connect 3 phase motors in star | 3 Phase Motor

An induction motor may be a generalized electrical device. The distinction is that the electrical device may be an alternating flux machine whereas the induction motor is a rotating flux machine. Rotating flux is merely potential once three section voltage [read more]




Delta Connection in a 3 Phase System | 3 Phase Delta Connection


 In associate alternating flux machine frequency of evoked electrical phenomenon during a primary and secondary aspect is the same whereas a frequency of rotor electrical phenomenon depends on a mistake. throughout the  beginning, [read more]