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Domestic electrical wiring :

It was quite fashionable within the past however it’s thought-about obsolete lately thanks to the recognition of the passage and incased wiring system. The cables utilized in this electrical wiring were PVC, VIR or the other approved insulated cables. The cables were carried through the picket casing enclosures, wherever the casing was manufactured from a strip of wood with parallel grooves cut lengthwise for accommodating the cables.

Batten Wiring :

This is once one electrical wire or a bunch of wires area unit ordered over a picket batten. The wires area unit command to the batten employing a brass clip associate degreed spaced at an interval of ten cm for horizontal runs and fifteen cm for vertical runs.

Lead Sheathed Wiring :

Lead encased wiring uses conductors that area unit insulated with VIR associate degreed area unit lined with an outer sheath of lead atomic number 13 alloy that contains concerning ninety-fifth lead. The metal sheath provides protection to cables from mechanical injury, moisture, and atmospherical corrosion.

House Wiring 5 Proper Steps :

  • Design a writing diagram
  • Install conduits
  • Know outlet count
  • Drill wire holes
  • Set a breaker