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Digital Logic

NOT Gate


The NOT gate could be a single input single output gate. The semiconductor should be saturated “ON” for associate inverted output “OFF”, and input is “OFF” output is should be inverted “ON”. therefore this gate is additionally referred to as-as ‘Digital Inverter’.A simple 2-input logic NOT gate is made exploitation RTL Resistor-transistor switches as shown below with the input connected on to the semiconductor base. Logic gates area unit the essential building blocks of digital logic circuits yet as digital natural philosophy.

arduino tricks

The image of the not gate may be a triangle with a bubble on its finish. We know the NOT gate is the associate degree electrical converter, that inverts or reverses the input.. therefore the output is pictured by, bar image of the input.

arduino tricks

Here we have a tendency to connect associate alterable switch with the NOT gate and therefore the output of NOT gate is connected associate device which can ON and off once it receives high voltage and low voltage severally. during this scenario, the output voltage is measured as +5 V, which can be thought-about as a HIGH logic level. Similarly, once the high-level voltage +5 V is connected to the input, then the junction transistor is ON. therefore the total offer current is drawn by the junction transistor. this implies the provision voltage +5 V is measured at the output port, that is taken into account because of the HIGH state.


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