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Digital Logic

NOR Gate

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A NOR gate may be a digital computer circuit with 2 or a lot of inputs associate degreed one output with behaviour that’s the alternative of a gate. we all know that output associate degree gate is zero only all inputs of the gate is zero. however within the case of NOR gate, the output is one only all inputs square measure zero. The NOR operator is seen because of the “negation” of the OR operator. In alternative words, wherever associate degree OR operator provides a high or affirmative result for the positive indication of 1 or the opposite input,

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arduino tricks

NOR gate is a logic gate which provides a positive output only each inputs area unit negative. The NOR gate could be a digital gate that implements logical NOR – it behaves in step with the reality table to the correct.

A HIGH output results if each the inputs to the gate area unit LOW, The logic or mathematician expression is given for a logic NOR gate is that for Logical Multiplication that it performs on the complements of the inputs.

Logic NOR Gates are out there mistreatment digital circuits to provide the specified} logical perform Associate in Nursing is given an emblem whose form is that of a regular gate with a circle If range|the amount|the quantity of inputs required is an odd number of inputs any inputs will be command LOW by connecting them on to the bottom mistreatment appropriate resistors.

The Logic NOR gate may be a combination of the digital logic gate associate degreed an electrical converter or NOT gate.

It solely returns a high or positive price within the absence of each input operators. the NOR operate also can have any range of individual inputs and industrial on the market NOR Gate IC’s are on the market in commonplace a pair of, 3, input varieties.

NOR Gates are on the market exploitation digital circuits to provide the specified logical operation and is given an emblem whose form is that of a regular OR circuit with a circle, generally referred to as associate degree at its output to represent the NOT gate image with the logic operation. NOR gates also can be shaped exploitation simply individual NOR gates.

arduino tricks

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