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Digital Logic Exclusive-OR Gate

arduino tricks

A logic gate may be a digital computer circuit with 2 or additional inputs and one output that performs exclusive disjunction. Their output Boolean perform is very important enough to be thought of as complete logic gates. These 2 “hybrid” logic gates area unit known as the Exclusive-OR Gate. The output of the logic gate is HIGH only if precisely one amongst its inputs is HIGH.

The Exclusive-OR Gate perform, or Ex-OR for a brief is achieved by combining normal logic gates along to create additional complicated gate functions that square measure used extensively in building arithmetic logic circuits, process logic comparators, and error detection circuits.


arduino tricks

If each of associate degree XOR gate’s inputs squares measures false, or if each of its inputs square measure true, then the output of the XOR circuit is fake. The adder circuit has 2 outputs. the primary is named the add, and also the second is named the Carry. The Carry output is vital once many adders square measure used along to feature binary numbers that square measure longer than one bit.

The 2-input “Exclusive-OR” gate is essentially a modulo-two adder since it offers the addition of two binary numbers and as a result are a lot of complicated in style than different basic forms of computer circuit. If associate degree XOR gate has over 2 inputs, then its behaviour depends on its implementation. within the overwhelming majority of cases, associate degree XOR gate can output true if associate degree odd variety of its inputs is true. If you concentrate on simply the primary digit of every result, you’ll notice that appearance|it’s} a bit like the reality table for associate degree AND circuit which the second digit of every result looks a bit like the reality table for associate degree XOR gate.

This description is enlarged to use to any variety of individual inputs as shown below for a 3-input Ex-OR gate. The logic or Boolean expression is given for a logic OR gate is that of logical addition that is denoted by a typical sign. The image accustomed denote associate degree Exclusive-OR odd operate is slightly totally different thereto for the quality Inclusive-OR Gate. However, it is important to notice that this behavior differs from the strict definition of exclusive or, that insists that precisely one input should be true for the output to be true.


In order to match numbers that contain 2 or additional bits, extra exclusive-OR gates area unit required with the 74LS85 logic comparator being 4-bits wide. one in every of its most typically used applications is as a basic logic comparator that produces a logic “1” output once its 2 input bits don’t seem to be equal. thanks to this, the exclusive-OR gate has associate difference standing being called associate odd perform. once results area unit written with 2 binary digits, as during this example, you’ll be able to simply see a way to use associate XOR associated an AND circuit together to perform binary addition.


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