The Exclusive-NOR Gate operate may be a digital computer circuit that’s the reverse or complementary style of the Exclusive-OR operate. EX-NOR gate may be a special form of gate. It is often employed in the [*fr1] adder, full adder, and a subtractor. The exclusive-NOR gate is abbreviated as EX-NOR gate or generally as EX-NOR gate. AN EX-NOR gate may be a digital computer circuit with 2 or a lot of inputs and one output that performs logical equality. The output of AN EX-NOR gate is true once all of its inputs area unit ON or once all of its inputs area unit OFF.



Fig: EX-NOR Gate Symbol


The logic image for Associate in Nursing Exclusive-NOR gate is just Associate in Nursing Exclusive-OR gate with a circle or “inversion bubble” at its output to represent the NOT perform. Then the Logic Exclusive-NOR Gate is that the reverse variety of the Exclusive-OR gate, If a number of The binary operations of higher than truth table is understood as exclusive OR operation and it’s delineated as, A, B…

The image of exclusive OR operation is delineated by a and ring encircled by a circle its inputs are ON et al. are OFF, then the output of the EX-NOR gate is OFF. every one of the symbols below is accustomed represent Associate in Nursing EX-NOR gate. There are multiple international standards outlined, and one could also be most well-liked over the opposite in your region of the planet.


Fig: 2-I/P-Ex-NOR Gate truth Table


The logic operate enforced by a 2-input Ex-NOR gate is given the gate performs this modulo add operation while not together with carrying is understood as a gate. associate degree gate is generally.

2 inputs gate wherever associate degree output is simply logical one once {only one|just one|only one} input is logical 1. once each inputs area unit equal, that’s either each area unit one or each area unit zero, the output are logical zero. this can be the rationale associate degree gate additionally known as anti-coincidence gate or difference detector.


Fig: 3 InPut Ex-NOR Gate truth Table

Then the output of a digital logic Exclusive-NOR gate solely goes “HIGH” once its 2 input terminals this description is enlarged to use to any variety of individual inputs as shown below for a 3-input Exclusive-NOR gate. The gates act within the same method because of the logical “and” operator. the subsequent illustration associate degreed table shows the circuit image and logic combos for an AND gate. one among the most disadvantaged of implementing the Ex-NOR perform on top of is that it contains 3 differing types logic gates the AND, NOT and eventually associate degree OR circuit at intervals it is basic style.