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Digital Logic

AND Gate


arduino tricks

A computer circuit is the associate elementary building block of a digital circuit. Most logic gates have 2 inputs and one output. At any given moment, each terminal is in one in every one of the 2 binary conditions low (0) or high (1), drawn by completely different voltage levels. The logic state of a terminal will, and customarily will, modification usually because of the circuit processes information. In most logic gates, the low state is about zero volts, whereas the high state is about 5 volts positive.

The basic implement of AND gate is a logical conjunction. Basically AND gate has two input point and one output point, when the output is supplied higher we called (1 or HIGHER) and lower output we called (0 or LOWER). The input can be extended any input of logical two binary number is HIGHER(1) and LOWER(0).


The AND circuit is therefore named as a result of if zero is named “false” and one is named “true,” the gate acts within the same means because of the logical “and” operator. the subsequent illustration associated table shows the circuit image and logic mixtures for an AND circuit. (In the image, the input terminals square measure at left and therefore the output terminal is at right.) The output is “true” once each input square measure “true.” Otherwise, the output is “false.”



Two – input Transistor AND Gate

We can design AND gate using Diode and Transistor, normally it designs only two diodes. Transistor switches are quicker than diode switches. like the logic gate, we have a tendency to connect +6 V offer to each the transistors (to their collectors) through resistors. The electrode of the primary junction transistor electronic transistor, semiconductor device, semiconductor unit, semiconductor is connected to the collector of the second and also the electrode of the second transistor is grounded by a resistance.

arduino tricks

The output of the resistance is collected across the electrode and grounded resistance of the second semiconductor unit. The output of the AND gate is high only if the 2 transistors are conducting (at high voltage level) and at the remainder of input voltage combos, the output is low.


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