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Electric motors and generators have current-carrying loops that unendingly rotate in an exceeding field of force. The loops are wrapped around AN iron core known as AN coil that creates the field of force within them stronger. the present within the loops reverses direction inflicting the coil and thence the loops to perpetually rotate. The dynamical direction of the loops causes AN induced voltage to be generated.



motors and generators ar magnetism devices. they need current-carrying loops that rotate in magnetic fields. This chop-chop dynamical field of force produces electromotive forces, known as EMFS or voltages. electrical motors and generators are different|the alternative} of every other.


DC Motor & Generator :


DC motors and generators area unit just like their AC counterparts, except that they need a split ring known as an electric switch. The electric switch is connected to electrical contacts known as brushes. The ever-changing direction of this through the electric switch causes the coil and therefore the loops to rotate.

The flux the coil turns in is also a magnet or magnet. DC generators have a generated voltage is DC. The voltage in a very generator will increase its potency, however Associate in Nursing voltage in a very motor contributes to energy waste and unskillfulness in its performance. A back voltage may be a resistance to vary in a very flux. A back voltage seems in a very motor once it’s been turned on, tho’ not now. It reduces this within the loop and gets larger because the speed of the motor will increase. This causes the facility needs of the motor to additionally increase, particularly beneath masses that area unit terribly giant.

AC Motor & Generator :


AC generators square measure opposite from motors, as a result of they convert energy into that of electrical. energy is employed to rotate the loops within the magnetic flux, and therefore the generated electromotive force could be an undulation that varies in time. Steam made of burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas could be a common supply in countries just like u. s. In Europe, fission is employed to form steam. In some electricity plants, like those found at Niagara Falls, water pressure is employed to rotate the turbines. Turbines square measure rotors with vanes or blades. Wind and water don’t seem to be unremarkably used as fossil fuels for energy sources as a result of {they square measure|they’re} not as economical and are additional pricey.

AC motors convert current into that of mechanical. Associate in Nursing electricity is employed to rotate the loops within the flux. Most AC motors turn out this by exploitation induction. Associate in Nursing magnet causes the flux and uses constant voltage because the coils do.

Difference Between Motor and Generator :

Basis Electric Motor Electric Generator

Rule Followed

An electric motor follows Fleming’s left-hand rule.

An electric generator follows Fleming’s right-hand rule.


It converts electrical energy into mechanical energy.

It converts mechanical energy into electrical energy.


The current is supplied to armature windings.

The current is produced in armature windings.

Driven Element

The motor’s shaft is driven by the magnetic force that is developed between the armature and magnetic field.

The motor’s shaft is attached to the rotor. It is driven by mechanical force.


The electric motor uses electricity

The electric generator produces electricity


Faraday’s Law For Motor & Generator :

Faraday’s monumental discovery

  • —that magnetic fields move with electrical currents to form associate emf —opened the door to trendy electrical technology.
  • Faraday’s law of induction is that the principle behind transformers, electrical motors, electrical generators, inductors, and solenoids.
  • while not this information, it might are not possible to develop the reliable instrumentality that generates electricity to the grid or electric motors to power alternative machinery.
  • In fact, the electrodynamics developed by Michael Faraday and later Maxwell were additionally a significant catalyst for Albert Francis Charles Augustus Emmanuel Einstein’s Theory of special relativity theory.
  • Electric motors and electrical generators square measure quite distinct from each other in their individual functions.

However, in terms of physics, they exemplify 2 sides of a similar coin. each believes similar underlying physical principles, and understanding those principles has been instrumental within the development of even the foremost commonplace trendy technology.