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DC Voltage Regulator


Arduino tricks

The operating of MOSFET depends upon the MOS electrical condenser. The MOS electrical condenser is that the main a part of MOSFET. The semiconductor surface at the below compound layer that is found between the supply and drain terminal. It is often inverted from p-type to n-type by applying a positive or negative gate voltages severally. after we apply the positive gate voltage the holes gift underneath the compound layer with a repulsion and holes area unit pushed downward with the substrate. The depletion region inhabited by the sure negative charges that area unit related to the acceptor atoms. The electrons reach the channel is made.

The positive voltage additionally attracts electrons from the n+ supply and drain regions into the channel. Now, if a voltage is applied between the drain and supply, this flows freely between the supply and drain and also the gate voltage controls the electrons within the channel. rather than a positive voltage, if we have a tendency to apply a negative voltage, a hole channel is going to be shaped underneath the compound layer.


  • P-Channel MOSFET
  • N-Channel MOSFET

Voltage Regulator

The d.c. the voltage from a normal power provide remains constant ciao as a.c. mains voltage or load is unreduced. However, in several electronic applications, it’s desired that d.c. voltage ought to stay constant regardless of changes in an exceedingly.c. mains or load. For this, a dc transformer is employed.

A DC transformer could be a device that maintains the output voltage of a normal power provide constant regardless of load variations or changes in input a.c. voltage. Generally, electronic circuits victimization tubes or transistors need a supply of d.c. power. However, batteries area unit seldom used for this purpose as they’re expensive and need frequent replacement. So, in observing, d.c. power for electronic circuits is most handily obtained from industrial a.c. lines by victimization the rectifier-filter system referred to as a d.c. power provide.

How it is Working?

DC transformer. A DC transformer may be a device that maintains the output voltage of a normal power provide constant no matter load variations or changes in input a.c. voltage. Generally, electronic circuits exploitation tubes or transistors need a supply of d.c. power. A transformer generates a set output voltage of a planned magnitude that is still constant despite changes to its input voltage or load conditions. A switching regulator converts the dc input voltage to a switched voltage applied to an influence MOSFET or BJT switch.

The first motor controller within the wares, the AMT49406, is targeted at menage fans and different applications that have to be compelled to suppress a major quantity of sonic noise as expeditiously as attainable. The second kick in the merchandise line, the A89301, is intended to supply slower speeds, quieter performance and extra programmable options for premium appliances and ceiling fans. each chip lives 4-mm by 4-mm, in step with Allegro.

arduino tricks

Connection Diagram

The circuit works this way: the A1 opamp functions as an sq. wave generator. At its non-inverting input may be a by-product triangle wave signal. The IC A2 following it functions as an easy comparator. A reference voltage is fed to the inverting input of the A2 IC via the potentiometer P1. The output of A2 may be an sq. wave signal with a relentless frequency of around two hundred Hertz.

This circuit regulates a DC power output. it’s a really wide application vary. It will be accustomed management the speed of a motor, a pump, a toy train, the brightness of a diode or lamp, etc. much, it will be employed in any application that uses a regulated DC power with pulse dimension modulation (PWM).
It was originally used as a large diode rheostat.

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