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RGB Color Mixer :

The RGB combination is employed in markup language secret writing produce the colors we tend to see on websites, and it’s a good thanks to illustrating the properties of colors generally.

He conjointly needs to program associate Arduino to scan and show user input and generate neat text and visual outputs. Jaco’s project also can be used as a handy tool for somebody WHO must work with RGB values frequently as a passionate color calculator.

In this tutorial, we’ll generate all the potential colors that you simply} will see with just a twist. it’ll conjointly cause you to see through the RGB color model and understanding however today’s displays work.

We’ll conjointly use Arduino analog Input / Output and can find out how to scan and write analog voltages on Arduino pins.


Working Principle :

The RGB crystal rectifier shows this result (color) of the settings as you’re going on, thus it primarily allows you to combine colors on the spot victimization the RGB theme e.g. (R=128, G=128, B=128)= gray, (R=0, G=0, B=0)=Black, (R=255, G=0, B=0)=Red

After all the values square measure input, the program checks values of every RGB element, provides the mixed color a reputation reminiscent of a pre-defined list of colors, and displays it on the alphanumeric display screen. It will this by victimization nested switch/case statements, and it’ll approximate the RGB price to twenty seven totally different color names.

Required Parts :


  • Arduino Uno Board        [Purchase Links]              Ali-Express         Amazon
  • Project Board                                                            Ali-Express         Amazon
  • RGB Led Light                                                          Ali-Express         Amazon
  • Potentiometer Resistors ( Three pics)                      Ali-Express         Amazon
  • 330-ohm Resistor ( Two Pic )                                   Ali-Express         Amazon

Connection :

The RGB junction rectifier is wired to PMW pins nine, ten and eleven on the Arduino. The pushbutton is connected to pin seven and also the three potentiometers to A0, A1, and A2. bear in mind to feature a 10K ohm pull up the electrical device to the bottom affiliation on the pushbutton. For evidence on however this works, investigate here.


Also, confirm to attach three 220 ohm resistor’s between the junction rectifier and also the output pins, this can guarantee your junction rectifier doesn’t give out. The value of every Potentiometer is written to the serial monitor, therefore if you’re wiggling with the junction rectifier and realize a color you wish, you’ll be able to record the RGB worth to use later.

Once you have got the circuit wired up and also the sketch uploaded, strive to turn the knobs on the potentiometers. Nothing ought to happen initially until you hit the button. currently, strive to turn the knobs once more. The junction rectifier ought to currently remove darkness from.


You can watch the following video the written tutorial below