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A crystal rectifier matrix may be a 2-dimensional array of LEDs that may be wont to show symbols, characters or maybe pictures. supported the orientation of the LEDs within the matrix, there may be 2 styles of crystal rectifier matrices. They are Common Row Anode and customary Row Cathode.

IC MAX 7219:


7219 Max IC


MAX 7219 may be a common cathode show driver with serial input and parallel output. it’s wont to interface microprocessors and microcontrollers with sixty-four individual diodes (8 x eight LED matrix as an example has sixty-four LEDs), seven section diode displays up to eight digits or bars chart displays.

The eight x eight diode matrix is connected to the goop 7219 as shown within the circuit diagram and also the information input is received from the Arduino board to the goop 7219. The diode matrix is often driven in 2 ways that. area unit they’re parallel (where every row or column are sent with parallel information) associated serial (where the info is distributed serially and an IC is employed to convert this serial data into parallel data).

LED Matrix:


Dot 8*8 LED Display


In case of common row anode sort LED matrix, this sources (high or positive voltage) are given to the rows A-D and therefore the current sinks (low or negative voltage or ground) are has given to the columns 1-4.

An eight x eight LED matrix show is employed during this project to show the data. LED matrices are accessible in several designs like single color, dual color, multi-color or RGB LED matrix. they’re additionally accessible in several dimensions like five x seven, 8 x 8, 16 x 16, thirty-two x thirty-two, etc. supported the arrangement of the LEDs within the matrix, AN LED matrix is often either common row anode or common row cathode.

Arduino LED Matrix Interface:


One pin provides the clock signal to the LED show driver IC (MAX 7219) whereas another pin is employed to transmit the serial information to the IC for displaying on the LED matrix. The corresponding pins should be fittingly mentioned in the program.

In case of common row cathode kind LED matrix, the present sources (high or positive voltage) area unit given to the columns 1-4 and therefore the current sinks (low or negative voltage or ground) area unit given to the rows A-D.

The LED matrix utilized in this project could be a common row cathode kind LED matrix. whereas developing the project, the sort of LED matrix should be renowned and therefore the program should be written consequently.

Required Components:

  • Arduino Uno board        [Purchase Links]           Ali-Express       Amazon
  • Project Board & Connector                                   Ali-Express       Amazon
  • LED Matrix – 8 x 8 LED                                        Ali-Express       Amazon
  • IC1  – MAX 7219                                                  Ali-Express       Amazon
  • R1 – 10 KΩ                                                          Ali-Express       Amazon
  • C1 – 0.1 µF                                                          Ali-Express       Amazon
  • C2 – 10 µF                                                           Ali-Express       Amazon

Connection Diagram:


In this project, we’ll study crystal rectifier Matrix Displays and 2 totally different comes on Arduino 8×8 crystal rectifier Matrix Interface. the primary project is going to be a straightforward interface between Arduino associate degreed 8X8 crystal rectifier Matrix to show data (even scrolling data and pictures may be displayed) and therefore the second project is going to be a sophisticated project wherever the 8×8 crystal rectifier Matrix is controlled through a golem device.

8*8 max Display Circuit Diagram



How it is Working:


Even though one eight x eight crystal rectifier matrix with corresponding grievous bodily harm 7219 IC is employed during this project, multiple crystal rectifier matrices will be connected serial for long scrolling show. Connect the elements as shown within the circuit diagram. The operating of the system is as follows.

3 of the fourteen obtainable digital input/output pins square measure accustomed management the show driver IC grievous bodily harm 7219. the three pins on the MAX7219 IC square measure clock, information in and cargo (or metal just in case of grievous bodily harm 7221 IC). The most clock frequency of 10MHz will be applied. DIN (Data in) accepts the serial information from the microcontroller or Arduino board.

It is sixteen bit long wherever the primary eight bits (D0 – D7) square measure for driving the columns (SEG A-G and refugee of the grievous bodily harm 7219 IC) of the crystal rectifier matrix and also the next eight bits (D8 – D15) square measure for driving the (DIG 0-7 of the grievous bodily harm 7219 IC) rows of the crystal rectifier matrix.

The load pin (or metal or chip choose pin just in case of grievous bodily harm 7221 IC) latches the serial input file on its rising edge.