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The annoying issue regarding multiplexing is that you simply have to be compelled to perpetually refresh the show to stay the image stable. The Max7219 will all of this for you. This nice jailbreak use four eightx8 matrix shows which provides you with thirty-two x 8 matrix display.

LED Display :


Within the second example, we have a tendency to ar reaching to see but the scrolling text on the 8×32 diode Matrix works, and inside the third example, we have a tendency to ar reaching to manage them via Bluetooth and a custom build mechanism application.

The sixty-four LEDs are is driven by sixteen output pins of the IC. The question now could be however is that potential. Well, the most range of LEDs illuminate at a similar time is really eight.


Required Parts :


  1. 32*8 LED Matrix Max Display         [Purchase Links]             Ali-Express        Amazon
  2. Arduino Uno Board                                                                   Ali-Express        Amazon
  3. Some Connecting Cable                                                          Ali-Express        Amazon

Connection Steps :


  • The LEDs are organized as a 32×8 set of rows and columns. that the MAX7219 activates every column for a really short amount of your time and at a similar time it additionally drives every row.
  • Therefore by quickly change through the columns and rows, the human eye can solely notice.
  • Now let’s take a more in-depth verify the MAX7219 driver.
  • The IC is capable of driving sixty-four individual LEDs whereas mistreatment solely three wires for communication with the Arduino, and what’s additional.
  • we will flower chain multiple drivers and matrixes and still use similar three wires.

Source Code 

You can watch the following video the written tutorial below